Quiz Me! - People

Test your knowledge about people in all eras.

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James Monroe’s presidency is known as what?

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John Paul Jones is known for what famous quote, which became a slogan for the U.S. Navy?

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This city is named in honor of Bernardo de Gálvez

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Who was the African-American spy the Marquis de Lafayette wrote a letter of recommendation for his freedom for this help in the American Revolution?

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Who was the African-American  slave spy who was George Washington’s most effective weapon against the British during the American Revolution?

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Alexis de Tocqueville criticised what, stating that associations among people would lead to the greatest happiness for society.

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Benjamin Franklin purchased the Pennsylvania Gazette and in 1732 published the first edition of what publication?

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This United States Senator was the first African American to serve in Congress.

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This charismatic speaker was the first Democrat elected to the House of Representatives from Nebraska and later spoke at the 1896 Democratic National Convention. He later ran for president three times, all unsuccessfully.

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Thomas Hooker believed in the principle of equality for all mankind and favored the vote for all men, regardless of any religious or property qualifications. What document did he help adopt in 1639?

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