Quiz Me! - People: Revolution/Declaration of Independence

Test your knowledge about people in the Revolution/Declaration of Independence era.

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Jonathan Trumbull Sr. was a strong supporter of George Washington and the American Revolution. He was a colonial governor who remained in power after independence was declared. What state was he from?

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James Otis championed a natural rights theory, asserting the right to private property was inalienable. These principles were later included in which constitutional amendment  ?

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This man, along with Robert Morris, helped to finance the American Revolution.

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After two terms as President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson retired to his estate which was known as what?

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This publisher, inventor, entrepreneur and statesman wrote social commentaries under the pseudonym “Silence Dogood.”

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Richard Henry Lee was an Anti-Federalist who opposed the U.S. Constitution. He was an advocate for laws and amendments limiting the power of the federal government and was pleased when what was added?

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Thomas Hobbes’ landmark work of political philosophy writing that people must enter into a compact for their safety was titled:

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Wentworth Cheswell was a soldier in the American Revolution and was at the Battle of Saratoga. What colony was he from?

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Because of his articulate defense of American liberty, this author of “The Liberty Song” is known as the “Penman of the Revolution.”

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Thomas Jefferson did not take part in the Constitutional Convention because he was serving as a minister to which country?

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