Quiz Me! - Era: Reform Movements

Test your knowledge about the Reform Movements era.

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Which artists documented the natural beauty of America with vast painted landscapes?

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The Declaration of Sentiments issued at the Seneca Fall Convention was modeled after which of the following U.S. documents?

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Which type of reformers used the strategies listed above?

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Which sentence best completes the outline above?

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Which document was written to promote womens’ rights and was modeled after the Declaration of Independence?

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What goals did labor reformers hope to achieve?

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Henry David Thoreau is best known for his belief in Transcendentalism and refusing to pay taxes to demonstrate his opposition to the United States war with Mexico. He shared his beliefs in -

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Which of the following describes a reform Dorothea Dix hoped to achieve?

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What effect did the individuals and their accomplishments listed above have on the United States?

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This reformer, born during a time where women were denied the right to vote or hold office, used the power of the printed word to reach across America and change many peoples minds about the institution of slavery.

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