Quiz Me! - Documents: Revolution/Declaration of Independence

Test your knowledge about documents in the Revolution/Declaration of Independence era.

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Who was the African-American  former slave who was shot and killed by British Soldiers at the Boston Massacre?

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He was a physician who treated John and Abigail Adams for yellow fever. Upon hearing about his death in 1813, John Adams reflected, “I know of no character living or dead who has done more real good for his country.”

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This document, signed during King George III’s rule, ended the Revolutionary War and confirmed the independence of the United States.

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Crispus Attucks was the first of five unarmed men who were shot down by British Redcoats in what famous event that led to the American Revolution?

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Who was the grandson of the first African-American  landowner in New Hampshire?

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Who was the Founding Father who organized the Sons of Liberty in resisting the Stamp Act and the Townshend Duties?

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Who was the African-American spy the Marquis de Lafayette wrote a letter of recommendation for his freedom for this help in the American Revolution?

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After two terms as President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson retired to his estate which was known as what?

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This city is named in honor of Bernardo de Gálvez

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This wealthy trader of tobacco, rum, wheat and slaves supplied the American forces with war supplies and his own ships, including over $1 million to finance the decisive Battle of Yorktown.

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