Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Junior Citizen Bee?

The Junior Citizen Bee is a classroom competition that 8th grade teachers can use as another way to access their students’ knowledge and understanding of key concepts in American history?  Students use an online guide to prepare for a two-part classroom competition.  Every effort has been made to use content for the online guide from the 8th grade TEKS as well as enrichment on the U.S. Constitution.


What is included in the two-part classroom competition?

First students take a multiple-choice exam that is then graded by the teacher.  The questions for this exam are composed of questions from the following categories:

  • People
  • Documents
  • Constitution
  • Events
  • Civic Values and Skills

Next the teacher conducts an verbal competition that requires each student to answer one question from each of the following categories:

  • People
  • Documents
  • Constitution
  • Events

How is the winner determined?

A student’s written test score and his/her score in the verbal round will be combined to give them their final score.  Teachers may choose how to reward this student and all the other students who competed.  


How long does a Junior Citizen Bee last?

This depends on the length of the class period and the teacher’s judgement.  However, it is recommended that the teacher has the students take the written part of the exam one day and have the verbal competition the next.  This will allow the students the opportunity to review one more time for the verbal competition.


How does a teacher get involved?

All a teacher should do to get started is introduce his/her students to the website and get them studying.  Once the teacher feels the students are ready, he/she should fill out this FORM to request exams.

If you need any additional help please contact Dodie Kasper


What is the benefit of having students participate in a Junior Citizen Bee?

Every effort has been made to have the content on the website reinforce the content that is included in the 8th grade history, government, citizenship, and culture TEKS, so that participation can serve as another way to review for the STAAR exam.  Additionally, since there is a high school competition offered, participation can help increase interest for that program.


Where do I find the student certificate for participating?

Certificates are found under Classroom Resources.


Who funds the website and competition?

Law-Focused Education, Inc. receives funding from the Sumners Foundation to administer the Bee in a Box.  The website is maintained by Law Focused Education, Inc. and the State Bar of Texas Law-Related Education Department.  All contest materials are prepared and provided by the Texas Law-Related Education Department.