Junior Citizen Bee Guidelines


Students can prepare for both the verbal and written part of the competition by utilizing the Junior Citizen Bee website.  


Written Competition—Participants will first compete on a 40-question multiple choice test administered by the teacher.

The content used for the written exam is as follows with each question counting two points:

  • 10  questions on the people in the People section
  • 10  questions on the documents in the Documents section
  • 10  questions on the events in the Events section
  • 10  questions on the Constitution and Amendments 1-15, and the Principles of the

Verbal Classroom Competition—Participants will next compete in the verbal round, answering one question from each of the same four categories listed above. Each question will count 5 points.  Students must listen carefully to the verbal questions and will have one minute to answer the question once the question has been read. On the questions dealing with the people from the study guide, the complete name as it is given on the guide must be correctly stated for the answer to be correct.  

Competition Resources:  To request the exams, please complete the following FORM.  Note: This link is also under Frequently Asked Questions.

Classroom Competition Winners:  The top three places will be determined by the highest combined scores of both the written and verbal portions of the contest. The maximum score will be 100.  

Classroom Participation Certificates

Certificates to award students for participating can be found on the website under classroom resources.